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English Discoveries

English Discoveries


English Discoveries is a fully customisable, interactive end-to-end solution catered towards specific client needs. It provides educators with effective and user-friendly tools to maximise learning outcomes.

English Discoveries provides over 1,000 hours of engaging core content that is organized in ten learning levels. Each level contains multiple topic-based units that provide students with practice in all key language skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Web Literacy. Lessons incorporate a variety of question formats to help prepare students for test environments. An initial placement test and evaluations along the learning path enables continuous progress monitoring.

Based on a communicative language approach, English Discoveries courses offer interactive real-life videos, advanced speech recognition technology, animations, radio broadcasts, pop-up dictionaries, grammar assistance, role-play & rubrics, pronunciation courses, and screen sensitive help including scalable native language support in 25 languages. Students can easily access their courses and lessons on a variety of platforms including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Enrichment Content

English Discoveries offers more curriculum content for your students with additional enrichment units in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Grammar from Basic 1 to Advanced 3 – each unit with at least seven more lessons. The Companion Series provides even more curriculum content hours in the areas of Writing, Reading in the Content Area, Transition to Work and listening practice targeted for the CASAS and TOEIC assessments.

Edusoft - The Creator of English Discoveries

Edusoft Ltd. is a global leader in technology-based, comprehensive English language learning solutions, serving a wide range of educational, government and corporate sectors worldwide. With 25 years of expertise, Edusoft is a pioneer in delivering comprehensive large and small scale blended learning solutions based on the latest interactive technology and field-proven pedagogical approaches. Edusoft’s flagship product, English Discoveries, is an advanced English learning platform providing CEFR-aligned English learning courses. Edusoft Ltd. is a subsidiary of The Global Division of ETS. ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests in 180 countries annually, including the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests, the GRE® General and Subject Tests.

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Our Unique Pricing Structure

English Discoveries offers the best value for your budget dollar with our exclusive concurrent license pricing structure which includes an unlimited student database. This cost effective configuration allows a single software seat to be used by multiple students throughout the program day.

Let’s look at a site that purchases 100 language learning software licenses. With assigned licenses, 100 licenses are assigned to 100 individual students; no other students are able to use the software. But with 100 concurrent licenses, all of your ESL teachers can register all their students to use the program. This gives 100 students in the morning class access to the software plus 100 students in the afternoon classes and 100 students attending the evening program!

And unlimited student database entries means all of your students can have access to the program plus less of the instructional day is spent on software management duties – and teachers have more time to teach. Together, we can look at the structure and number of your classes, along with your student enrollment to determine the right number of concurrent licenses to make sure all of your students have access English Discoveries.